Welcome to PICK YOUR MIX Studio!

Hello, this is Arumi from PICK YOUR MIX.

Our team is small but strong and features the work of three besties, Arumi, Kai and Hyejin, the creative team behind PICK YOUR MIX Studio.

I am the graphic designer and illustrator. I run the PICK YOUR MIX stationery shop and Patreon which began as a dream job that I’ve turned into a reality.

Kai is the web developer. He does everything related to building, customising and maintaining websites. When I come up with a visual idea of the website, he is the one who makes it happen!

Hyejin is the best web and graphic designer. We met at university in Korea and worked on our personal and graduation exhibitions together. Now she works with us
on a casual basis, specialising in branding and typesetting.